Aricoco’s column #6 ~ Mr. Noah N. Ekerman ~



Noah is a chameleon, Noah is a kaleidoscope .
Noah is a happy boy, a cheeky comedian, a strict yogi and a sexy adult guy.
He changes one after another quickly.
He has sensitivity in himself and it creates him multiple personality.
He and I worked as volunteers at meditation center in Canada.
I really expect how his charm will increase.
I love his blog expresses his mental side beautifully and strongly.
Check it.

Name: Noah N. Ekerman
Age: 26
Nationality: Swedish
Occupation: Body worker (massage),
DJ, drummer, bartender, server

Q1: What brought you into this life style?

When I was 22, I realized that my old lifestyle wasn’t leading to no where good.
I could see how it had me standing at the same place for a long time,
fooling myself that things would change but they did not.
I realized that I was in charge of my life, and if I ever wanted to live a life full of joy,
freedom of expression and love, I needed to make some drastic changes.
So I moved to Australia when I was 23, to get a perspective of what I needed and wanted to do.

It was at the end of my stay there that I decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle once I returned to Sweden.
And at that point I committed internally to start practicing yoga once I got back to Sweden,
I began practice of kundalini yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan in the beginning of 2008.
this led me to begin making changes through yoga.
After a major life crisis culminating in suicidal tendencies in 2009 (I was 24),
the search for a way to deal with the ups and downs of life and the negativity generated in the mind led me on to a new search which finally brought fruit through the discovery of Vipassana meditation.

Actually I had tried meditation in the two years to come, but never really got a hang of it.
Usually gave up as soon as it got uncomfortable sitting still until then.

Q2: tell us what you do.

I currently stay in a studio apartment in the southern part of Stockholm,
I live by myself, but my family live on the same street just a few doors down,
so it has it’s up and downsides ;)… I make a living by selling superfoods,
such as organic dried berries and fruits, cacao beans, hemp seeds, spirulina, maca,
chlorella and similar products. I also do some extra work bartending.

I practice observation of mental activities at all times.
I search out situations that encourage breaking of old behavior patterns,
such as putting myself in challenging and uncomfortable situations,
visiting new places and trying new things.
I spend as much time as I can with other people committed to growth and change.
I practice acceptance and forgiveness of my shortcomings,
holding on to the knowledge that true change can come only out of total self acceptance.

  Q3: what is your project in future?

I just came back Sweden, my country of birth,
in the spring of this year, and face the challenges of continue to grow
in an environment that tempts limiting patterns of comfort and safety.
My vision is very narrowed down right now,

I try not to think too much about the future, but give my full attention to each new day,
knowing that by each day lived fully,


future will be manifested in equal fullness and quality.

So I try to do my best at work, and working out,
physically and mentally (meditation), as well as socializing with friends and family.

To be as present for the people I meet each day, and to care for myself first,
which is the prerequisite for caring genuinely for anyone else.
The blind can not lead the blind.

Of course in a distant future, I still wish to visit more places,
India and Burma for example on a meditation combined vacation experience.
But that is not the priority now. Stability, finance, and health are my main concerns for the moment.

Q4: your favorite book, movie, music etc.

Big fantasy fan. Lord of the rings is a great nostalgic tale for me, both book and movies.
Osho’s books. Tolles the power of NOW was a big catalyst in my life.

As a DJ, I mainly play electronic dance music such as progressive house and trance,
it is the music I have the strongest attraction towards.
But I find gems in all genres and have a broad spectrum of appreciation for all kinds of music.

I love epic movies flirting with the supernatural potential of life and faith,
such as the green mile, shawshank redemption, the exorcist etc.


14/ JAN / 2012