Aricoco’ column #3  ~ Ms. Jacqui Nicholls ~



My wonderful friends column vol.3 is Jaqui from Australia.
When I met her first, I was 31 years old. We lived in Spain.
We enjoyed Latin life and sometimes we are involved in it!
Jaqui is totally honest person to her soul.
She seems to take only what she really feels right.
She has no doubt. Enjoy reading her story.


Name:  Jacqui Nicholls
Age: 32
Nationality:  Australian
Occupation:  Bowen Therapist/Yoga Teacher

Q1: how did you end up to this life style?

When I was 19 I become feed up with my friends and the lifestyle in Australia,
so I went travelling to US, Canada and Europe.
I meet so many wonderful people that made me really want to find who I was, and as I become more myself more beautiful people came into my life.
I travelled on and off till I was about 27 to all sort of places
and met all sort of people and cultures and continued to learn about the deeper spiritual meanings of life.
It was like the Divine guided me to where I was meant to go and what I was meant to experience.

I then living and worked in Alice Springs in the middle of Australia for years with Indigenous Australians,
I also had many beautiful times in this place and again so many beautiful souls gracing my life.

Now I am living in a spiritual community in a luscious forest near a great town in Queensland called Maleny,
it is very community minded and people appear happy and conscious about issues that are going on in the planet and the world.


Q2: tell us what you do.

Well my work right now is a mixture of all sorts of things.
I do Bowen Therapy once a week at a groovy little healing centre,
I teach a couple of yoga classes a week,
I work in a cafe 2 days a week and I also work in a youth refuge for young homeless people.
I live with my gorgeous boyfriend in a house that is one room and nearly all glass
with a beautiful garden of trees, flowers, birds and veggies surrounding us.

Q3: what is your project in future?

I want to keep growing and learning what my path is,
continue to grow closer to the Divine and hear that divine voice stronger and stronger to know what my true divine purpose is.
To keep leaning different healing techniques and offer it to others who may need help and guidance. And maybe set up a Lion sanctuary with my boyfriend in Africa
(but that is another big story!)


Q4: your favorite book, movie, music etc.

Shaw Shank Redemption
Aussie blues and roots,
Xavier Rudd, John Butler Trio,
Waifs, Paul Kelly.

20/ APR / 2011